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Tell Them Advocates are CHAMPS

Posted by Ryan Morgan on July 10, 2014 at 3:09 PM

Woah. So as you might have already read from a previous blogTell Them kicked butt this legislative season.

Of course, we’ve had some bumps in the road, but I’m pretty proud of how far we’ve come. We stopped restrictive sexual health bills, passed the HYA through the Senate and blocked personhood bills. And they couldn’t have done it without, wellYou and Me!

The emails, the phone calls, the Facebook posts all helped make this season a victory. And I think we should celebrate, no? I’m getting on this #SCrahrah bandwagon and doing my own little cheer *Rah Rah*.

I had a blast helping with #BeeDay2014. Nothing is more empowering than going up to your representative and telling them what you support. Tell Them advocacy: Kicking butt and taking names. And we did more than take names; we sent hundreds of emails on Bee Day, AND took super awesome Instagram selfies with Rep. Jenny Horne & Rep. B.R. Skelton. I’d call that a WIN.

SO. How’d you help out? There’s proof in the pudding people, and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Make sure to tweet @tellthemsc and tag #SCrahrah!

And don’t forget: You might win a prize! (But for the sake of higher odds, keep this a secret between you and me)

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