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Thanksgiving rules: give your compliments and eat your carbs.

Posted by Ryan Morgan on November 23, 2013 at 11:37 AM
Yes, that’s all it takes for a successful Thanksgiving in my book: show genuine gratitude to those in your life and devour a feast of carbs like you’re preparing for an ultra marathon. While I can’t share carbs-on-carbs-on-carbs with each of you (a family tradition Ashley has recently shared with me which amounts to the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich: a homemade fluffy roll filled with stuffing, mashed potatoes--turkey & gravy, cranberry sauce, optional), I CAN share with you a slice of my gratitude for some of the Tell Them advocates I’ve met and worked with this year. PaulaPaula Appling: The “most growth as an online advocate” award goes to Paula because she learned to use Twitter specifically to play our #SCECOTC scavenger hunt where advocates across the state checked on pharmacies to see if they carried emergency contraception OTC in line with new federal regulations. For those of you who don’t know Paula, she’s got grit! There was no way a little technology was going to hold her back from checking on these pharmacies and reporting her findings to the twitter-verse! Amy HollemanAmy Holleman: One thing I learned about Amy through the #SCECOTC scavenger hunt is that she doesn’t stop. Hitting up one or two pharmacies in her neighborhood? Nah. Not her style. Amy visited 50 pharmacies across the state. That’s right. Across. She hit the Midlands, the Lowcountry. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tracked the Upstate and used a different twitter handle to report her findings so we wouldn’t disqualify her from the scavenger hunt due to the unfair advantage of possessing superhuman powers. 934798_10151212153172465_513535479_nKat Heavner: When we first met earlier this year, Kat’s opening conversation with me went a little something like this: “Hi, my name’s Kat and I’ve already contacted my representative about the Healthy Youth Amendment and gotten 20 of my friends in the Upstate to take action.  What can I do next?” Daaaaang, girl! I now enjoy introducing Kat to others as the sex and macaroni and cheese testifier (click here to get the joke). And more recently Kat has coordinated the #TellMeSC video campaign where young people who attended SC public schools have shared one thing about their sex ed experience. So my initial judgment on Kat was correct. Daaaang, girl! Brigitte Shumpert: To know Brigitte is to love Brigitte. Unless you hate sunshine rays and positivity. Remember the 100 thank you letters from the #SCECOTC scavenger hunt that needed to be hand written, addressed, and posted? Brigitte. Gathering videos for the #TellMeSC video campaign? Brigitte. Blogs? Brigitte. You need someone to articulate the case for responsible sex ed with polish and warmth? Relax. Brigitte’s on it. Jamie Brazell: I’m issuing a challenge. If you can randomly run into Jamie and she does NOT have some type of document on sex ed reform, then I will cook you a whole turkey. No joke: I saw her at a bar one time and she had papers on sex ed reform in her bag. Jamie is the picture of persistent patience. During legislative session Jamie drove from the Upstate to Columbia to meet with a representative to advocate for the Healthy Youth Amendment and waited 2 HOURS before meeting the rep! Afterwards she drove home for her evening class. Oh, and did I mention she was pregnant at the time? No sweat, for Jamie. Thank you all for going the extra mile for reproductive health in SC. This surely entitles you to a guilt-free carbs-on-carbs-on-carbs Thanksgiving sandwich.

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