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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Posted by Ryan Morgan on November 19, 2012 at 12:00 PM

As the office closes and the staff scatters to family homes, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks for the people I get to work with everyday.

"Work" can be stressful and most people fear the "case of the Mondays" as they trudge off to the office each week. But not us.

We are a family and work very hard to carve out space for each other. We make sure that we take time to hear about each other's weekends, to make lunches together, for staff dinners, and our annual staff retreat. My coworkers truly are more than colleagues - they are my friends.

It has been a year of transitions for us and out staff- some have moved on, moved away, and passed away. We miss each of them very much, and hope that they are feeling loved and appreciated this time of year.

For us here at Tell Them, we continue to work as hard as we can, and to support and appreciate each other and our individual efforts - knowing that the collected result is something no one could have achieved on their own. We rejoice together, and thank our partners, both near and far, for all that you do.

Enjoy some time with your families and friends. Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours.


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