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The Kate Effect

Posted by Ryan Morgan on July 24, 2013 at 9:45 AM

Hi. My name is Emma and I’m obsessed with Kate Middleton.

I have loved Kate Middleton since she was known solely as Prince William’s college sweetheart. I remember the breakup and reunion clearly, and rejoiced at the news of the engagement. Yes – I got up early and watched the Royal Wedding live (complete with box of tissues). I read the blogs, buy the magazines and my closet has been a victim of the “Kate-Effect.”

For all the time I spend paying attention to the Duchess of Cambridge, she has always seemed “far away,” as if she encompasses a world completely separate from anything real.

Until Tuesday morning.

As she and William left the hospital with their newborn son, Kate ceased to be “Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge.” Overnight, she had become a mom.

Kate is going to be a phenomenal mother. She made sure that when she became a parent, she was able to give everything she could to motherhood. She had finished her education, found a solid, stable relationship, enjoyed settling in to her new marriage, and then planned her family.

In fact, news reports have claimed that William and Kate VERY much planned their pregnancy, as to not “upstage” the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or interfere with their trip to East Asia last year.

Kate was able to ensure that her son was born when his parents could love and care for him the best way they can, and now gets to enjoy the “fruit of her labor.”

So much of our work at Tell Them is about advocating for all South Carolinians to have the right to plan their families, and choose when they become parents.

We believe that every young person has the right to decide whether, when and how they want to start a family.

Because they were able to plan their family, Baby Cambridge is going to grow up with two of the most priceless things: loving, devoted parents. Watching Kate and William place their newborn in the car and drive off towards the next phase of their lives, they reminded me of all the new parents who are going through the same experiences. They didn't look like the future King and Queen of England, but rather, two overjoyed (albeit nervous) new parents.

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