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The Proof: Cervical Cancer

Bills: H.3204 and S.278

Dates Introduced: December 18, 2014 and January 13, 2015 (concurrently introduced)

H.3204 Proposed by: Bernstein, J.E. Smith, Cobb-Hunter, M.S. McLeod and Jefferson

S.278 Proposed by: Hutto, Johnson, Lourie and Scott

Impact: South Carolina has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer deaths in the country. The HPV vaccine could help with the prevention of this fatal disease, and yet half of South Carolina girls and 8 out of 10 South Carolina boys ages 13-17 have not been vaccinated. We can change this.  

If passed, the Cervical Cancer Prevention Act (bills H.3204 and S.278) will allow the Department of Health and Environmental Control to offer the cervical cancer vaccination series to seventh grade students enrolled at any public or private school in the state. The act will also raise awareness of the HPV vaccine, help parents and guardians make informed decisions, and increase accessibility to vaccination.

Where the Bill Stands: H.3024 passed and was signed by Governor Haley on April 21st, 2016. 

View bills H.3204 and S.278 here and here, respectively.

Download our fact sheet here.

Similar Legislation: H.3236 (2013–2014), H.4497 (2011–2012), H.3136 (2007–2008)


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