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The Proof: Domestic Violence

Bill: S.3

Dates Introduced: December 12, 2014

S.3 Proposed by: L. Martin, Shealy, Malloy, Courson, Fair, Turner, Lourie and Hembree

Impact: Domestic violence is a critical public health problem with far reaching effects. In addition to physical and emotional abuse, many women suffer the effects of reproductive coercion, which occurs when an abuser seeks to control a woman's fertility and reproductive rights. What's worse, domestic violence is more dangerous in South Carolina than in almost any other state in the country—compared to national averages, women here are twice as likely to be shot to death by their partners.

Bill S.3 is a necessary legal step toward reducing the number of South Carolina deaths caused by domestic violence. If passed, the bill would strengthen criminal domestic violence laws by increasing penalties for perpetrators of violence, It would also deny convicted offenders the legal right to own firearms. Even though 79 percent of South Carolinians are in favor of taking away convicted offenders' guns, a few extremist local politicians want to water down the bill, putting guns back in the hands of known criminals. 


Where the Bill Stands:  S.3 passed and was signed by Governor Haley on June 4th, 2015. To see the full list of changes implemented to the SC code of law, click here


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Similar Legislation: H.3222, H.3032, H.3034 (2015–2016)

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