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The Proof: Sex Education

Bills: H.3447 and S.574

Date Introduced: January 28, 2015

H.3447 Proposed by: Horne, J.E. Smith, Cobb-Hunter, Knight, McLeod, Robinson-Simpson, Bernstein, Funderburk, Henegan and Dillard

H.574 Proposed by: Hutto, Shealy, Johnson, Lourie, Campbell, O'Dell and Nicholson

Thwarted by: Sen. Mike Fair in 2014 (House Bill H.3435)

Impact: The Comprehensive Health Education Act (House Bill H.3447 and Senate Bill S.574) would update South Carolina's 28-year old sex education law, requiring students to receive age-appropriate, medically accurate information about pregnancy prevention and STI protection. Although H.3435 was met with bipartisan support in the House and Senate last legislative session, one man who put his personal political agenda ahead of the health and well-being of our state's young people thwarted the bill's passage.

Sen. Mike Fair placed a minority report on H.3435. After the bill passed the SC House, the Senate Education Committee approved it 9-2. But, Sen. Fair's minority report hurled the bill to the bottom of the agenda for this year's legislative session, effectively blocking H.3435 from coming to a vote on the senate floor.

See for Yourself: 

View bill H.3447 here.

View bill S.574 here.

View our fact sheet here.

Recent Improvements:

In July 2015, a proviso was adopted that grants transparency and accountability in sex education materials used in school districts. Click here and scroll down to 1.97 for the full language.


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