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My first voter registration experience!

Posted by Ryan Morgan on September 15, 2014 at 12:22 PM

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to explore "Soda City".  There were lots of vendors and Tell Them was there to manage a tent for voter registration.  

I also had the opportunity to meet Emma, the associate director for Strategic Mobilization, Jordan, the Online Communications graduate assistant (and also my son - hehe) and Randy from SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center. In total, they had 10 (ten) people to either update their registration or start their right to vote.  It was exciting to see these people take time out of their Saturday - and a game day, I might add - to make sure they were able to vote in the upcoming November election.

Why is this important you ask?  It is imperative to let your voice be heard so that medically accurate sex ed reform can be taught.  While their mission was only to register, the Mission of Tell Them is to Reform Sex Ed.

You can text REFORMSC to 52886 NOW and let your voice be heard!!


For those of you that don't know, Tell Them is is a program of the New Morning Foundation, a statewide, reproductive health-focused foundation based in Columbia, South Carolina. Basically: they help get the word out on medically accurate facts about sex ed and family planning; plus they work hard to improve reproductive health policy here in SC.

I wish that when my child was in the public school system, there was medically accurate sex education. We lived in a very rural area and the number of young students who became unintentionally pregnant was astounding.  I honestly had no idea these students were using the family planning clinics as their only healthcare and sex education.

I can't fathom that we expect students to learn about sex ed from school in its current state - especially when what they're taught doesn't measure up. Most parents don't bother to talk to their kids about the repercussions, the effects or anything when it comes to sex.  Since these adults don't want the responsibility of educating their children, then it is ultimately up to the school system to educate, but it must be done right!!! 

We need to update the laws. We need to reform sex education.

Please visit to donate and to ensure that we will one day get SC's school system back on track. You can even sign up to be on their mailing list and get regular updates.  Please let your voice be heard!

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