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We are a Team: Reflections on Urban Retreat 2012

Posted by Ryan Morgan on October 10, 2012 at 10:37 AM

Washington DC is a magical place. I remember my first trip, many years ago, and the excitement of finally standing in buildings that I had read about and seen in movies. You hear about DC, read about DC, but it doesn't always feel real until you're standing there really looking at it.

Traveling to our nation's Capitol with 10 smart, capable, eager people is an adventure in itself. The SWARM Council is comprised of 10 amazing college students, who used their time in DC is expand their minds, hearts and perspectives. They were consistently present - not just physically, but mentally as well. This was a challenge - long days of multi- hour sessions on very heavy topics would wear on anyone - but not our SWARMers.

I could name thousands of favorite moments, but what I took away most from our time at the Urban Retreat was a sense of camaraderie and team. We are a team - through tough fights, heartbreak, and triumph. We are stronger together, and will succeed because we have each other. In our case, what happened at the Urban Retreat will not stay at the Urban Retreat. We are returning to South Carolina as trained, experienced reproductive justices advocates. We are bringing back a wealth of knowledge and ideas - and we can't wait to show what we can do!

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