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Welcome to #InsideBuzz

Posted by Emily Crawford on January 13, 2016 at 10:04 AM

We wish you could be with us at the State House every day.


The highs, the lows, the negotiations, the back room talk – it’s as exhilarating as it is exhausting. But above all, it’s always informative to learn how the legislative sausage gets made.

Because bringing every single one of you to the State House would make for a parking catastrophe and a fire hazard in the chambers, we’re bringing the State House to you in our new blog series: #InsideBuzz.

Tell Them has created an easy-to-digest monthly blog and social media update (from @TellThemSC) that will summarize what staff are seeing on the floor and hearing in the hallways related to the most pressing reproductive health issues affecting South Carolinians.

This monthly round-up will include about 3 simple updates including information such as:

  • Newly introduced bills
  • New language / revisions to existing law or bills in process
  • Quotes from legislators or legislative staff
  • Quotes from South Carolina news coverage
  • Quotes from leaders in the state

These updates will give you information at a glance with handy-dandy color coded bees:

  • When you see a green bee, break out the confetti! We have news to celebrate!
  • When you see a yellow bee, raise an eyebrow and proceed with extreme skepticism.
  • When you see a red bee, gird your loins. You’re going to need all the strength you can muster!

 Stay tuned for our inaugural #InsideBuzz blog!

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