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What's the Ambassador Program?

Posted by Ryan Morgan on December 11, 2013 at 10:59 AM
The Tell Them Ambassador Program is a network of nearly 100 South Carolina activists that collectively stand in support of responsible reproductive health policies in their communities and at the statehouse. These “Ambassadors” serve as the leadership within the more than 13,000 constituents of the Tell Them e-advocacy network. These leaders give a public voice to the mainstream position of health policies in South Carolina. Ambassadors understand that everyone -young people included - must be informed and have access to lifesaving health information and services.


Tell Them Ambassadors are on the front line of pushing the reproductive health policy agenda in South Carolina. They represent a diverse range of professional backgrounds and advocate using tested and effective strategies. These individuals represent the voices that educate our young people, provide health services to those in South Carolina, and understand that access to information should be a right and not a privilege.


Ambassadors support responsible health policies by: writing to local newspapers, communicating one on one with legislators, hosting events, participating in social media campaigns, and providing public comment and testimony before elected officials. Without the voices of these volunteers the health of our state would only diminish.


Ambassadors are trained on the facts of sexual and reproductive health statistics and policies. We at Tell Them ensure that our Ambassadors and members are equipped with the most up to date and accurate information. For more information on the Ambassador program, contact me at

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