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Posted by Ryan Morgan on December 17, 2013 at 9:44 AM
By Jennet Robinson Alterman Every donor wants their contribution to have impact. I am one of them. As someone who was born and raised in South Carolina and has worked to empower women both internationally and locally for decades, I understand the needs of our community and the need for sustainable impact. When I support Tell Them’s initiatives I know that their efforts are educating young women to mindfully address their personal health. When a woman is educated about her health she is empowered to make responsible decisions about her future. To me, that’s impact. This holiday season please join me in generously donating to an organization that fights for responsible reproductive health policy at the South Carolina State House. Click here to donate. Without the efforts of Tell Them, our legislature would pass bill after bill limiting access to reproductive services in our state. To sustain a collective impact we must donate and organize. Please join us.

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Jennet Robinson Alterman is a non-profit consultant, a motivational speaker, and an advocate for women.

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