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What your $14, $16, $19.88 mean

Posted by Ryan Morgan on November 23, 2013 at 10:19 AM
“There ain’t nothing better than sex ‘cept macaroni and cheese.” –Kat’s sex ed teacher “The sex education I received in South Carolina was incomplete.” -Shayna “If I could revamp sex ed, I would explain why young adults should wait, explain risk in a non-threatening way. Just saying, ‘Don’t do it!’ isn’t good enough.” -Salome “I did not receive any type of sexual education.” -Lauren Shocking, right? These are the types of stories we’ve been hearing from South Carolina youth this month in our video campaign, #TellMeSC. But maybe we shouldn’t be shocked since we found out earlier this year that 75% of South Carolina school districts aren’t following the law in terms of sexual health education. This Giving Tuesday (Dec 3), we're asking you to help us change these stories and make our state a healthier and safer place by donating to Tell Them. Donate button1 On Giving Tuesday we’re asking our advocates to donate and show us the kind of South Carolina they want to build. Think it’s unconscionable that our state still hasn’t passed a bill allowing information about a cancer-preventing vaccine to be distributed in schools? Then donate $14 in honor of South Carolina 14th ranking in terms of estimated cervical cancer deaths nationally. Can you believe that for 16 years in a row South Carolina legislators have introduced bills that would outlaw birth control? Donate $16 to say, “Hands off my birth control!” And you’ve just read about the state of sex ed in our state, but did you know that South Carolina’s sex ed law hasn’t changed since 1988? Your gift of $19.88 will help us build a South Carolina where our youth have medically accurate, age-appropriate sex education in schools. On Giving Tuesday, please, tell us the kind of South Carolina you want to build with us by donating!

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