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Why We Need SexEd Reform: Discrimination

Posted by Ryan Morgan on February 07, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Health instruction materials must be sensitive to all family structures and situations.


The Sterling Report has shown that, in some school districts, students are taught outdated notions of what a family should look like, and some materials are continuing to instill harmful, outdated gender roles as part of sexual health education.

Materials reinforce a societal double standard where women should control their sexuality while men simply act upon theirs. Research shows that language promotes victim-blaming. Youth in some school districts are taught that marriage is the only legitimate family structure. This outdated and potentially damaging message tells the 33% of South Carolina youth that live in single-parent households (not to mention all foster children) that they aren't a part of “real” families.

School should be a place where all kids feel safe and accepted, not shamed and embarrassed.

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