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Write Gov. Haley in Support of Women's Health

Posted by Emily Crawford on September 16, 2015 at 4:38 PM

Join us and Representative Beth Bernstein in a letter writing campaign as we tell Governor Haley to knock off the political shenanigans -- we're keeping our Columbia Planned Parenthood clinic.

On Friday DHEC issued an administrative order of suspension to Planned Parenthood's Columbia clinic as well as Greenville's Women's Clinic for infractions like incomplete training documentation, expired medications, and too-hot water in a handwashing sink.

Particularly since the Columbia clinic was found to have 100 percent compliance with all state regulations less than a year ago, these allegations reek of political posturing at the expense of women's health.

Join us on Thursday, September 17 from 6pm-8pm at Spotted Salamander (1531 Richland Street, Columbia, SC) to rally with like-minded South Carolinians and send Gov. Haley a letter demanding respect for South Carolina women.


If you won't be able to join us at the event, you can still write Gov. Haley. We encourage you to personalize your letter and tell why YOU support Columbia's Planned Parenthood clinic. Below is a suggested letter if you need help getting started.

The Honorable Nikki R. Haley

Office of the Governor

1205 Pendleton Street

Columbia, South Carolina 29201


Re: Recent Planned Parenthood Investigations


Dear Governor Haley, 

I am a South Carolina voter and I am writing you in support of Planned Parenthood. Now that DHEC has completed their report please allow Planned Parenthood to provide the services that our community needs.

Demand for family planning is increasing while resources are shrinking.  The number of low income women in need of family planning services increased by 17% from 2000 to 2010. More women than ever, 20.1 million, are in need of publicly funded contraception, and Planned Parenthood fills a vital role in providing services to these women.

Planned Parenthood is a safety net provider for South Carolina women and families.  More than 6,500 women, men and young adults from across South Carolina turn to Planned Parenthood every year for vital medical and educational services.  More than 70% of patients are uninsured and rely on Planned Parenthood to provide them with high quality, affordable, and compassionate healthcare.

In 2013 Planned Parenthood performed over 16,000 services, including:

    • Providing contraception to nearly 3,000 South Carolinians,
    • Performing over 400 Pap tests,
    • Performing over 400 Breast exams, and
    • Performing over 6,000 STI tests and treatment including HIV.

Planned Parenthood plays an important role as an essential community health provider, and as a South Carolina voter I urge you to allow Planned Parenthood to continue providing safe and effective preventive health services.



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