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You can't ignore a crying baby

Posted by Ryan Morgan on January 22, 2014 at 1:07 PM
VivianBy: Vivian Coleman A few days ago I had the privilege of visiting the SC State House for a presentation. Around eight high school students bravely stood at a podium in front of a few members of the House of Representatives to present a policy proposal. They wanted to request $12,000 for simulator baby dolls for their class to take home to encourage the sex education discussion with their respective guardians. The simulator baby dolls would be a learning and prevention experiment which the students believe will help with keeping the lines of communication open in an effort to prevent teenage pregnancy. When asked why this is needed and how it would be successful, students replied that teenage pregnancy in their town (similar to cities all over the US) is an issue. Their theory is that the root of the problem is that there is no substantive discussion about prevention and other options because they’re just told by guardians and educators that there should be “no sex at all” without any additional information. The students believe their proposal would work because it’s hard to “ignore a crying baby” and it would be an instant conversation starter in the home. I admire these students' diligence in choosing a project that they have identified as needing immediate attention in their communities; that is how constructive change begins. For more discussion on comprehensive sex education visit Vivian Coleman is a SC Youth Activist with the South Carolina Contraceptive Access Campaign.

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