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Your Honor, Where do babies come from?

Posted by Ryan Morgan on July 18, 2014 at 3:10 PM

I celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case by scheduling my IUD. My insurance company is paying 100% of it by the way! I am very excited about this “blessed event”. My mother had one for years and raved about how wonderful it was. Anyway, it made me realize that I was not necessarily frustrated with the tangible effects of these very real changes in our cultural fabric, but the lack of logic and common sense that fuels them.

We have to figure out how to remove emotion and conjecture in order to drill down to facts, logic, and mutual benefits. We have to get away from the “info-tainment” style conversations and strive for the type of journalism that has things like “fact checking” and “credible sources”. So on that note, let’s have an honest straightforward conversation. Shall we?

When I told my fabulous new husband about my Ob/gyn appointment at which I would be discussing my IUD options, he (being his wonderful self) replied, “I am good with whatever you are comfortable with”. I replied, “It’s YOUR playground. I just maintain it.” As funny as that is, I later realized that statement has some dangerous implications. And, they are the same implications with which the “Hobby Lobby’s” of the world like to “dick”-tate about my personal property, aka my body.

Think about it this way. I told another human being (my husband) that they had complete control, ownership, management, and free reign over a part of my body. My brilliant and wonderful hubby would never think of it that way, but I was ashamed that had crafted that kind of thinking so quickly. Whether you are male or female, no one, and I mean NO ONE has the right to tell you what to do with any of your body parts; fingers, nose, toes, penis, vagina, earlobes or eyelashes.

I am still mourning the fact that the highest court in the land said it was okay for an organization that values human life SOOOO much, that it can (ironically and in an oxymoronic twist) choose to look at me like a butcher’s carving diagram. Frankly, that thought process can kiss my flank steak.

Here is my question for these troglodytes.

(Insert extreme conservative’s name here) Do you know where babies come from

Did you know that the only reason, THE OOOOONLY REASON, a woman would have a need for an emergency contraceptive that you have such aversion to, is because she came in a certain kind of contact with a man?

Did you know that? I am just trying to figure out why WOMEN are the ones being vilified and restricted due to something that is COMPLETELY MOOT, NONEXISTENT, IRRELEVANT, A NON-ISSUE, and IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT a MAN?  Now, do not get me wrong. Women should be responsible for their part in “baby-making”. However, unlike you, I am saying they are most certainly not the ONLY part. That is a biological impossibility. Maybe adults need sex ed too!

I am honestly confused by the logic and “thinking” (I say that lightly) of organizations like Hobby Lobby. I will continue to frustratingly plead for a reasonable explanation of their lack of common sense. However, when I lay my head down at night, I will smile at the irony of one fact. Hobby Lobby’s inventory comes from China. One day, I hope they will stop sniffing craft glue long enough to realize that they fund the largest economy of forced abortions on the planet.

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